The Nostalgia Market in Entertainment: Our Ever-Present Obsession with the 1970s-80s

It's no secret we live in troubled times. Whether the world is more conflicted, or we have more access to the ability to be aware of conflict due to the global internet and news resources, the effect is the same: everybody I know currently approaches the world from a negative bias. Put, we all seem to default to expecting the worst. Given this, it makes sense that people, especially millennials who seem apt to feel disenfranchised with the hand fate has dealt them in the worl

The Gurlesque Poetry Movement

The Gurlesque The Gurlesque movement is a movement that, according to pioneer Gurlesque theorist Arielle Greenberg, evokes "Mikhail Bakhtin's theory of the carnivalesque, burlesque theater, and the feminist punk movement riot grrl," (Greenberg, On the Gurlesque) and, of course, the grotesque. These four movements are all different in scope – Bakhtin carnivalesque revolves around the idea of a community that revolves around the celebration of the grotesque and weird. The burle

On the Concept of Stillness in Poetry

There are many prominent television-broadcasting mega-corporations – Fox, NBC, CBS, CNN – the list goes on. Have you ever looked at NBC's logo? It is, in a word, simple. Six teardrop shapes, with the points all converging on a center. The points follow this color scheme: Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Blue, Green. It is a clean, appealing design – one that holds no significance other than that which has been assigned to it over years of browsing channels and seeing this logo wa

Code-Switching in the Writing Center: A Study

The concept of code-switching has long been of interest to me, both educationally as well as intellectually. Code-switching, or the ability shift between different modes or discourses of dialects and languages, is a learned skill that becomes innate for many of us as we grow older. Code-switching is also a skill that becomes vital for social survival, to that point that code-switching from atmosphere to atmosphere, dialect to dialect, and even language to language, becomes a