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“Do thy worst, old time; despite thy wrong
My love shall in my verse ever live young.”


Shakespeare's sonnets are wrought with powerful literary moments, but his musings on how the written word can immortalize a culture or person stand out in my mind as some of his most enticing poetry. For a man who had a hand in some of the most popular pieces of media ever created, that's saying a lot. 


It's a view I also hold. Writing, I think, has a unique ability to entrap cultures and people, even when compared with other art forms. My undying interest in that power is what keeps my quill on the page (or more accurately, my fingers on the keys). 

If you're here for professional stuff and not my pedantic musings, here's what you should know: I'm comfortable with a wide range of writing styles and forms including (but not limited to) journalism, blogging, article writing, press release writing, technical writing, copywriting, social media marketing, poetry, and short story writing. I'll write about pretty much anything because I think making yourself uncomfortable is important. In my experience, life loses much of its allure if you're not learning new things. Writing about the world I inhabit is how I process my experiences as a living thing.


As a writer, I am always looking for new opportunities. From social media posts to press releases to short and long articles, I've done it all for a number of clients ranging from major enterprises to small business owners - and I'd like to do it for you, too. Shoot me an email at or book an appointment through the booking form on this website to get in touch. Cheers!

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