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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with language and writing. As I finished my collegiate education, my interest in writing turned outwards. I found myself becoming invested in understanding out how I could best write for others, as well as for myself, over a wide variety of topics. I pride myself in being able to not only realize the potential within my own pieces of writing but also in my ability to help others find their own, unique 'written voice.' 


I have a strong history in writing. My interests range across a wide variety of topics including but not limited to poetry, journalism, blogging, article writing, and short story writing. Subjects I am interested in include academia, politics, financial and social equality, literary and media criticism, and videogames. In my experience, life loses much of its allure once we as human beings stop thinking critically and attempting to learn new things from the world around us. Through writing, I am able to keep my appreciation of the world we inhabit alive and bear witness to the times we are living in - and I can think of no better pursuit. 



As a writer, I am always looking for the next opportunity that would provide me with the opportunity to expand my repertoire and challenge myself take my writing to new heights. I have held positions throughout my career which have required me to think on my feet and write for a variety of clients across variable circumstances and time constraints. Whether you're looking for a long-term contracted freelancer or a one-off temporary hire, I can be a valuable asset to any project. If that project is yours, please feel free to contact me either through my booking form at the bottom of the home page, or at ecawrites@gmail.com. I look forwards to hearing from you!