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I used to think the above quote was witty. I still do, but I used to, too. 

Finding words at all is hard. Making them matter is even harder. I don't often succeed on the first draft, or even the fifth. 

I believe good writing requires ego death. I'm not a world-class writer because I was born with a quill in one hand, an inkpot in the other, and a Shakespeare quote tatted on my forehead. I'm a decent writer because I don't give up on the fifth draft. I get to the tenth and I still might not be happy. I listen to the criticisms and input of my colleagues. 

Good writing is honesty. Good writing makes you pause. 

If you look through the content of this site, not all the writing is good. But at one point, I thought it was. It used to make me pause. Now, it doesn't make me skip a beat. 

This is a collection of my work. It's a sales pitch. It's a way for me to step back in time and realize how far I've come. 





A Collection of Previous Works

Welcome to a collection of some of my previous work! The slide-show below contains papers I have written on poetry and literature, working in writing centers, academia, education, videogames and interactive storytelling, and more.  For those who wish to see my blog as a reference for my capabilities as a freelance writer, please visit the blog section of the site. 

On the Concept of Stillness in Poetry

Want to get in contact about hiring me for high quality, professional freelance writing, or editing? Please either see the 'Book Online' section of the website, or fill out the form below!

Thanks! Message sent.

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